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Features and Applications


Compared with conventional shell & tube heat exchangers, HELIXCHANGER® heat exchanger has the following advantages:

  • Reduced shellside fouling
  • Higher shellside heat transfer coefficient
  • Lower vibration risk
  • Lower shellside pressure drop
  • Improved two-phase flow distribution
  • Cost saving on total life-cycle basis
  • Elimination of dead zones that exist in conventional segmental baffles
  • Increased B-stream flow fraction at the expense of A- and E- flow fractions


HELIXCHANGER® heat exchanger is best suited for services in which shellside heat transfer plays a determining role and/or shellside pressure drop is controlling and where reduced shellside fouling or flow-induced vibration are a concern. Shellside media may range from hydrogen-rich gas to viscous fluid with high fouling tendencies, in single or two-phase flow.

Typical applications are in the gas processing, refining, petrochemical and chemical industries.