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Unparalleled efficiency

BROWN FINTUBE®line heaters are widely used on the suction side of the pump for heating extremely viscous fluids (e.g.Bunker C, fuel oils, asphalt, etc.) to reduce their viscosities so they can be readily pumped. Line heaters, which can be installed in a pipeline at any point, are used either to preheat liquids to proper temperature for further processing or to overcome temperature losses in a long line.

Special features - flange suction inlet nozzles

These nozzles can be furnished on our tank suction heaters for installing a long-stemmed, roof-operated shut-off valve. This allows removal of the heating element for cleaning or servicing without draining the tank. Our designation for this construction is TYPE L/S BEU, the dimensions of which are similar to the LBEU units.

The line heater

The line heater can serve the same functions as the suction heater, although it is separate from the tank and externally flanged on the inlet. A single heater can service multiple tanks and can also be used as a batch heater.